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Microsoft Industry Blogs - Canada

Startup Story: Encircle speeds up insurance 

Encircle works with customers primarily in the insurance industry to reinvent processes and improve productivity. This Kitchener, Ontario-based software company provides an alternative to traditional, cumbersome, paper-based systems. Their simple, but powerful cloud-based, mobile tools allow organizations to deliver a more fair, transparent, and rapid claim experience....Read more, manufacturing agility with IoT & AI 

Born in the Microsoft Cloud in 2016, is a Canadian AI and Industrial IoT startup on a mission to make manufacturing more productive and flexible through digital transformation. How? Through an innovative application of IoT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence (AI), industrial domain knowledge, and technical expertise....Read more

Take the lead with artificial intelligence 

Ready to take the lead with artificial intelligence? Good for you! In this post, we focus on what real-world small and medium-sized business owners and managers need to do to make their operations “smarter, stronger, and faster” using AI. Included are links to AI business resources from Microsoft and some inspirational reads. Artificial intelligence. This...Read more

Go the distance with modern technology – Learn the new language of business 

Ready to go the distance with modern technology? As the pace of technological innovation speeds up, you might think that tomorrow arrives earlier every year. By leaps and bounds, the global marketplace evolves. Change disrupts traditional ways of operating a business, managing supply chains, and attracting new customers. The digital transformation in the workplace as...Read more