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Microsoft Industry Blogs - Canada

The Big Data Toronto conference is one of the largest Big Data conferences in Canada. It’s a phenomenal opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in the big data & analytics space — and it’s just around the corner. For us at Microsoft, it has been a year of amazing invention and ingenuity across every facet of analytics technology, and we are very excited to be present and share some of the ways in which we are not just advancing analytical capability, but layering in cognitive capabilities and true intelligence. Join us at our booth June 14th & 15th to learn more and connect in person with Microsoft experts. During the conference, you can expect to learn these four things.

Give your apps a human side

The most impactful data driven solutions of the future will go beyond analytics, and will include built-in intelligence that will augment traditional analytical solutions in exciting new ways. Learn how Microsoft technology can add a human side to your application, leveraging cognitive services to enable perceptual intelligence capabilities such as vision, speech, text and facial recognition. The Microsoft Bot Framework extends these capabilities further – allowing for natural interaction with such solutions through multiple types channels including chat, IM, email and Skype.

Importance of an end-to-end analytics platform

Big Data & analytical projects are becoming both increasingly complex and more integral to a company’s success and competitive differentiation. Data volume, velocity and variety continues to increase – and the need to derive insight from this data similarly is increasing in importance. A modern, end to end analytics platform, such as the Cortana Intelligence Suite or SQL Server 2016 offers the scalability, capability and breadth of toolset to accelerate solution delivery across the varying needs of a modern analytical initiative.

Visualization is how insight is brought to your organization

The more advanced and complex your analytical platform, the more important it becomes to ensure the output of your solution is actionable and accessible to decision makers across your organization. A scalable visualization tool, such as PowerBI allows these insights to be shared at scale in the format that your decision makers can immediately make use of, in an interface that is intuitive enough to allow them to explore and customize their view of the data to ensure maximum relevance.

Seeing it in action makes it real

These technologies become tangible when shown in action. Join us at our demo session at the conference at 2:00pm on June 14th, where we will bring these technologies together with an end to end analytical solution to enable accurate energy demand forecasting.

To learn more about these innovations and connect with Microsoft experts in person, join us at our booth, June 14th & 15th at the Big Data Toronto Conference – entrance is free but ensure to register ahead of time here.