Imagine that every industry and every organization has a countdown timer: “You will be disrupted in X DAYS”. If you walked past that timer every day, would it change how you think about digital transformation?

At Microsoft Services, we work with customers to embrace the opportunity of cloud technology. We see customers spurred into action by an external event or competitive threat. And we see some start with deliberate strategy. Most customers have a desire to make the most of opportunities provided by cloud computing technologies. But organizational challenges are often what hampers true progress.

Transformation impacts the whole organization. Taking on big change is difficult if your organization has success, stability and harmony today. But that timer is ticking . . .

Great teams do three simple things to kick start their transformation journey:

  • Start – Assemble a team and call a meeting. The first step is simply to start.
  • Define the north star – Where do you want to go? What are you trying to solve? Outline the things that you would like to see in the future. You do not need a timeline yet, just define the things that you would like to see your organization doing in that future state. This North Star might change over time.
  • Share a growth mindset – Successful transformation teams try, fail, experiment and learn. They relish the chance to be novices in their own fields of expertise again. This growth mindset is critical to being open to opportunity. It will provide new insights and new contributions to the industry you are helping transform.

Prepare your organization by thinking through how you can create a transformational culture. Empower each member of the organization with the right cloud toolset. Focus on the task of making your digital aspirations a reality.

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