Being transparent may be perceived by some organizations as difficult, especially when highlighting a security breach. At Microsoft, our commitment to transparency means holding ourselves accountable to our customers, partners and all stakeholders. Key to this commitment is sharing both successes and failures.

Demonstrating and implementing security practices to protect the data and processes of our employees and customers is essential to our success. Trust begins with understanding, and understanding requires transparency.

Knowledge is Power

Microsoft’s unique visibility into the growing threat landscape comes from our hyper-scaled cloud footprint of more than 200 cloud services, 100+ datacenters, millions of devices, and over a billion customers across the globe. Our investment in security professionals is focused on secure development as well as protect, detect and respond functions.

As such, we are committed to protecting the computing environment used by both our customers and employees to ensure the resiliency of our cloud infrastructure and services, products and devices. Our Microsoft Premier Support Global Incident Response and Recovery teams are available to rapidly engage during a targeted attack.

Sharing our Learnings

Challenges faced by our customers during incident response and recovery are both technical and non-technical, and as such we’ve recently compiled an Incident Response Reference Guide to provide comprehensive incident management guidance. It is designed to help you prepare for and meet critical needs during a major cybersecurity incident, as well as to avoid common errors. It provides you with our experience and lessons learned in the form of:

  • Tips to prepare for managing a major incident
  • Critical guidance to follow during the crisis
  • Questions to ask yourself about the readiness of your program

This guidance is designed to enable you to prepare for a crisis by reducing risk to your organization, and to better manage a crisis regardless of whether or not you have made prior preparations.

Commitment to Security

Microsoft spends over a billion dollars of R&D annually in building security into our mainstream products. There are trillions of data points coming in from billions of end points and the ability to understand, gain insight and action that data is what makes the difference. We share this data with our customers and our partners to collectively secure our environment.

To learn from over a decade of experience helping our customers recover from major security incidents, download the Incident Response Reference Guide.

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