Microsoft is one of the most heavily attacked commercial organizations in the world.  Our online presence covers a lot of territory, including Xbox Live, Office 365, Bing, Windows Update and Azure.  Consequently, we have learned a thing or two about protecting ourselves, detecting intruders and attackers and responding to these threats.

Built to Detect, Protect and Respond

We’ve invested over $1,000,000,000 in our people, technology, facilities and research to make sure we, as well as our customers, stay secure. This investment has also allowed us to work in concert with law enforcement agencies globally in combatting the most pernicious forms of cybercrime, including botnets.

Attaining a mature cybersecurity posture and maintaining its capabilities at the leading edge is an expensive proposition for any organization.  It entails both operational and capital costs which, though potentially expensive , are vital to long-term survival.  Organizations want to secure their assets in an effective and cost efficient manner.

Protect Your Assets by Partnering

Microsoft is dedicated to maintaining itself at the forefront of cybersecurity. Partner with us to secure your information resources and reduce risk to your most valuable assets.

Microsoft can help in several ways:

  • Azure and Office 365 infrastructures provide a highly secure environment for IT assets and systems, assuring you never worry about secure facilities or perimeter systems
  • Azure’s Security Center provides customers with built-in and cost effective ability to protect their own assets within their Azure environment as well as to detect and respond to threats
  • Microsoft’s best-of-breed cybersecurity expertise and people help customers expand and evolve their own IT security capabilities

An Agile Platform to Protect You

Microsoft builds security into its products and services from the start. We deliver a comprehensive, agile platform to better protect your endpoints and move faster to detect threats. Our depth of experience, expertise and resources position us to be the premier security partner for organizations looking to leverage their existing on-premises investments, for those looking to securely move to the cloud or for those trying to do both.

Learn more about how Microsoft’s platform and unique intelligence can help your business.

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