The digital world we live in is growing at an unprecedented rate, with digital disruptions imposing greater demands on IT systems and organizations. Do you have a robust IT strategy in place to be able to effectively respond?

Improving the end user experience with the IT service organization while reducing effort and increasing security is key.  IT is evolving and adapting, becoming more agile to get things done quicker, and working in an environment that empowers and enables users to do more. IT modernization helps your organization deliver the necessary levels of security, functionality and efficiency required to keep employees productive in role – allowing you to deliver better products and services.

Microsoft helps customers transition and manage risk in a smart way by taking advantage of the cloud and modern IT, using tools and capabilities to bring that design point to your existing investments.  As you evolve your Modern IT journey, we recommend focusing on ITSM, DevOps, Win10 and Cybersecurity.

The Modern Service Management Approach

This is geared at making ITSM relevant in a cloud world. Service management experts should be focused on the most important outcomes that evolve customers from legacy traditional IT models to easier, more efficient, cost effective and agile service structures. Modern Apps and cloud services are released to end users and developers in a rapid and agile manner, which requires more facilitation of self-governance and the framework that enables coordination vs enforcement.  Your IT service delivery and support capabilities need to evolve, changing how you govern, operate and support cloud services. Modern ITSM embodies this new strategy, empowering DevOps and end users by allowing free movement in a coordinated, self-governed fashion.

DevOps – Uniting People, Process and Products

DevOps practices are essential to deliver better software faster with less cost. Companies continually strive to maintain a competitive edge and customers expect more frequent deliveries. Re-align your business to digitally transform and enable app innovation. It’s common for IT challenges to arise with extreme pressure on Ops team to configure and provision apps and infrastructure as quickly so that Dev teams can test and release new code. Your company requires a development platform for modern software development teams that includes:

  • Any developer, any language, any platform
  • Secure yet flexible
  • Agile for the Enterprise
  • Quality at the Center

Enable Productivity with Windows 10

With the mobile device explosion and harnessing the power of the cloud, Windows 10 is integrated for simplicity and provides intelligent security to defend against advanced threats. Windows 10 enables users to be productive on any device encouraging employees to innovate, create, and ultimately deliver business value. It’s also easy to deploy, manage, always up to date, and harnesses the power of the cloud including proactive insights.

Address the Modern Security Threat

While the attack surface has broadened, attacks have also become more sophisticated and more damaging. Security leaders must balance these challenges with businesses needs to collaborate, innovate, and grow. Embracing an always-on and multifaceted approach to security that protects all endpoints, detects early signs of a breach, and responds before that threat can cause damage is critical.