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Welcome to Day 15 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today, we explore the value of security spotlighting Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Windows 10 Security Features. This third-party research spells out the cost savings and business benefits of Windows 10 security features, which help businesses of all shapes and sizes protect themselves and avoid costs.

It’s difficult to quantify the value of security, especially when it works to prevent costly breaches and potential disasters, like a ransomware incident. So, to help provide decision-makers with the facts, Microsoft commissions objective, third-party studies, such as Forrester’s Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Windows 10 Security Features.

Tighten up security before you get breached! According to 2016 Data Breach QuickView Report, over 4 billion records were exposed in 2016 alone.

Total Economic Impact report

To help with your research, the Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Windows 10 Security Features quantifies the return on investment businesses can realize from implementing Windows 10 security features. Forrester determined that the average organization achieves many benefits, including:

  • Avoided $3.2 million in third-party security costs
  • Reduced the productivity impact of malware by $1.1 million
  • Reduced costs of password resets by $1.0 million

Windows 10 Security Features

So what kind of features are we talking about? Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever. That’s because of built-in security protections to help safeguard users against viruses, phishing, and malware. Some of these security features include:

Windows Hello -> lets you use your fingerprint or face to log in securely

Microsoft Edge -> provides a faster, safer way to do things and browse the web

SmartScreen -> works with Edge to protect you from malicious websites/software

Windows Defender -> provides real-time, ongoing, built in antivirus protection

Best of all, Windows 10 delivers these features through automatic updates, which keeps you current and taking advantage of all the latest security patches and features.

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