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Welcome to Day 20 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today we talk about Windows 10 and give you all kinds of reasons to upgrade, starting with security. More than 400 million active users of Windows 10 trust the operating system (OS) and its many features and applications, but what about the other 1.1 billion people worldwide who still use old versions of Windows? While many factors may inhibit them from upgrading, the fact is they should.

Why? Because Microsoft’s newest and best version of Windows to date eclipses past versions and leapfrogs into the future with enterprise-level security. Packed with all sorts of goodies that save time and make Windows 10 easy-to-use, we pulled the top 10 solid reasons why you must upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows 10 free kit

Image of Windows Advanced Threat ProtectionReady to learn more about Windows 10 security? Awesome! Download your copy of a Forrester report, infographic, and crash course in this Windows Advanced Threat Protection kit. Link here.

1. Secure

Windows 10 addresses modern security concerns with advancements that protect your identity and data from cyber threats. Windows Hello moves past traditional passwords to secure all your devices (phones, tablets, PCs) with biometrics. Device Guard vets your applications. And Passport allows you to authenticate applications, websites, and networks for added security.

Have you heard of Trusted Boot? This intelligent safety measure guarantees that only a genuine version of Windows launches first on every device, preventing hackers slipping by your detection programs.

2. By & for the people

Invited by Microsoft, millions of Windows users (called Windows Insiders) donate their time as part of a user-centric initiative to improve the operating system. They test all the new features based on quality assurance criteria, like ease-of-use. The success of Windows 10 has everything to do with their support, ideas, and feedback.

3. Personable

The modern Windows interface begins with a new and improved Start menu. You can configure the tiles and pin apps, feeds, favorites, and more to it. Then you can express your style and interests with other personalization options, like desktop patterns, backgrounds, themes, colours, accents, sounds—you name it.

4. Artificially intelligent

As personal assistants/minions go, get ready to zoom with Cortana. A natural at searching the cloud, the Internet, or your hard drive, Cortana manages your schedule, tracks parcels, chats when you’re bored, and takes dictation. Suitable for hand-held, laptop, and desktop devices, this little artificial intelligence assistant proves that the future has already arrived.

ESL? No problem. Cortana also speaks Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese & Spanish.

5. Responsive

This latest version of Windows lets you personalize your display and snap together four apps for a holistic view of your business. Resize windows at will, connect multiple monitors, and create virtual desktops to maximize efficiency and optimize available real estate on your screen.

For the average employee, Windows management tools help boost productivity, improve time management, and reduce clutter.

6. Phone-friendly

Ever wish you could just use your phone like a PC? Well you can! Apps function consistently in all modes, on all Windows 10 devices. Tap, text, or type depending on need. Windows looks and feels the same, can connect easily to a monitor, mouse, or keyboard, so you can use it like a PC.

7. Productive

What’s standard with Windows 10? Almost everything! A full suite of productivity apps including OneNote, OneDrive, Calculator, Mail & Calendar, Camera, Maps, Music, Photos, Video, and Voice Recorder, just to name a few. Using OneDrive to store and synchronize your data for all your Windows 10 devices, you’ll access files and preferences from everywhere you work.

8. Universal

Microsoft Store hosts a Windows Apps page full of apps, games, music, movies, and TV shows—security certified and compatible with Windows 10 PCs, phones, and tablets. For businesses, The Microsoft Store for Business allows IT managers to browse the app catalog, buy apps in bulk, and manage licenses. Click to play Windows for Business: Acquire, manage, and distribute apps for your organization.

9. Safer surfing

Surfing with Microsoft Edge takes on a new meaning of time-saving relevance and state-of-the-art security. Providing voice control, Cortana personalizes your daily search experience, and enables shortcuts to key functions you use the most. Add your notes and thoughts directly on webpages you visit, keep them for future reference, or share with colleagues. The built-in reading mode strips away any formatting that interferes with online reading. Now that’s smart surfing.

10. More fun

If kicking back with a little gaming at lunchtime hits a high note, then rejoice because Microsoft brings Xbox Live gaming network to Windows 10 PCs and tablets. As an integrated Xbox app, a user can play the same game on all their Windows 10 devices. Whether on the road or in the cafeteria, carry your games with you everywhere life takes you.

Ready to upgrade to Windows 10? Visit the upgrade centre!

Windows 10 free kit

Image of Windows Advanced Threat ProtectionReady to learn more about Windows 10 security? Awesome! Download your copy of a Forrester report, infographic, and crash course in this Windows Advanced Threat Protection kit. Link here.