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Welcome to Day 8 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. In this post, we talk about how you can protect your reputation and operations from breaches and attacks by leveraging the best of Microsoft in one secure bundle. It’s called Microsoft 365 and it can help you with rising IT costs, stagnant productivity, and, of course, security.

Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution that includes Office 365, Windows 10, and always-on security.

The best of Microsoft

The market today offers many choices from small and large software companies, but nothing with the level of integration, reliability, or power of Microsoft 365. Combining Office, Windows, mobility, always-on security—Microsoft 365 gives businesses everything they need to modernize, in one cost-effective package.

Purpose-built for business, Microsoft 365 gives today’s employees the mobility, access, and security they need to compete and win.

Mobilizing work forces

As progress moves us all forward, so does the competition. More businesses mobilize teams to service clients on site, develop new sales channels, deliver goods, and compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Customers just don’t walk in the door or stay loyal anymore. That’s the grim new reality of sales and service. So, your employees need all the flexibility you can offer them.

People use their devices

Even with a strict policy in place, in a pinch, most employees will still access work data on their personal mobile phones or tablets. Nobody wants to carry multiple devices. This practice can increase your risk that business information gets mismanaged or shared with the wrong people.

Securing these devices often requires users to switch to a specific mode on their device or use a complex set of instructions that most people just can’t or won’t follow.

A more realistic solution

A solution like Microsoft 365 Business enables bring your own device (BYOD). It can keep personal devices from accessing, retaining, and/or sharing sensitive business information. Plus, multi-layered security allows users to manage devices, protect data, and communicate securely from anywhere.

Built-in device management

Microsoft 365 provides a true business solution—embedding key security and device management capabilities that help protect you, your team, and the devices you use to operate your business.

Agility fuels success. Secure your devices, protect your data, and enable easy access to your company network from the field.

Windows Defender

Windows 10 lets you set and deploy Windows Defender protection for malware, automatic updates, and turn off screens after a specified amount of time. You can also wipe business applications and data on lost or stolen Windows 10 devices remotely, through the admin center.

Microsoft 365 makes device setup and deployment a breeze. From a single admin console, the manager can add or remove users and devices quickly and easily.

Tools you already use

Most Canadians have worked or currently work with one or many of Microsoft’s productivity apps, namely Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, and OneNote. Your favourite apps come with Office 365 which is part of the Microsoft 365 Business bundle. But you get more…

Collaborate from everywhere

Sharing files and information is a vital part of collaborating with co-workers. With built-in security, Microsoft 365 makes file creation, storage, and sharing intuitive and efficient across devices.

Designed for small business

Through the power of Office 365, Microsoft 365 users access apps created specifically for business owners, from order taking to customer manager through to invoicing. As an end-to-end business bundle, Microsoft 365 delivers more value as you only pay for the apps you need. Completely scalable, this business bundle grows with your company.

All-in-one scalable solution

As an integrated business solution, Microsoft 365 users benefit from a complete suite of productivity and collaboration tools. The always-on and always up-to-date security and device management capabilities are designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

Easy on the IT

Ideal for organizations with few to no IT resources in-house, Microsoft 365 delivers a best-in-class productivity and collaboration suite that won’t take an engineer to manage. It takes Office 365, and combines it with the power of Windows 10 and Windows Defender for a complete file and device security solution.

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Join this webcast to see a demo of Microsoft 365 Business. Now, for the first time, Microsoft is offering an integrated solution for your business that helps you achieve more together, anywhere it matters with always-on security. (Requires registration) Link here.