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Graphic with text that reads 1 in 4 small business believe they are safe from cyber threats!

Welcome to Day 9 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada! Today, we spotlight a recent post about data safety by Avery Swartz—the technology expert and founder of Tech Camp—called “Play it safe when it comes to protecting your data.” With her trademark wit, Avery explains how small business owners need to change how they think and act when it comes to their own data and applications.


When it comes to the fundamentals of running a business, protecting your data with good security should top every business leader’s list… so why do the leaders of most small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) seem to focus on security the least? Perhaps because, as a business topic, security feels very much in line with eating your vegetables. We all know that we should do better at it–and stay on top of it–but it’s not exactly fun or exciting. READ FULL ARTICLE

Owner attitudes

Some business owners take the “head-in-the-sand approach” to digital security, hoping that if they ignore the issue it might go away (spoiler alert: it never does). Other business owners just don’t know where to begin. They’re not negligent, they just don’t know what they don’t know. And, with a long to-do list of never-ending tasks that demand attention, security falls to the bottom of the list. READ FULL ARTICLE

Avery Swartz is a tech expert and founder of Camp Tech, the national tech workshop company for non-technical people. She also works small and mid-sized business owners “get the web working” and contributes to some of Canada’s leading publications including the Globe and Mail. You can see Avery share her tech advice on CTV’s Your Morning.