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Microsoft Industry Blogs - Canada

Posts, manufacturing agility with IoT & AI 

Born in the Microsoft Cloud in 2016, is a Canadian AI and Industrial IoT startup on a mission to make manufacturing more productive and flexible through digital transformation. How? Through an innovative application of IoT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence (AI), industrial domain knowledge, and technical expertise....Read more

Take the lead with artificial intelligence 

Ready to take the lead with artificial intelligence? Good for you! In this post, we focus on what real-world small and medium-sized business owners and managers need to do to make their operations “smarter, stronger, and faster” using AI. Included are links to AI business resources from Microsoft and some inspirational reads. Artificial intelligence. This...Read more

Go the distance with modern technology – Learn the new language of business 

Ready to go the distance with modern technology? As the pace of technological innovation speeds up, you might think that tomorrow arrives earlier every year. By leaps and bounds, the global marketplace evolves. Change disrupts traditional ways of operating a business, managing supply chains, and attracting new customers. The digital transformation in the workplace as...Read more

Spring into action! Five simple steps to pick up your productivity 

  Ready to spring into action and increase productivity across your organization? Great! This post for small businesses offers five simple steps that can help teams get more work done. “It’s the small things that will make you successful.” – The Great Khali, Indian actor and wrestler We encourage small businesses to think big when...Read more

March forward with modern security! 

  Does your organization’s security, or lack thereof, keep you up at night? You’re certainly not alone. Microsoft recently commissioned national research from IDC to uncover how Canadian small and medium-sized businesses think and feel about technology today. This post shares the highlights from the research and explains how modern security enables business growth and...Read more

Make the most of AI and other transformative technology 

  Explore the limitless possibilities of digitally transforming your business. As the pace of innovation speeds up, you might think technology evolves too quickly for your organization to take full advantage of it. Good news! The low price of entry and the level of scalability make it easy for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and...Read more

Speaking business today ~ how Canadians embrace a digital marketplace 

  If you’re not speaking the new language of business, how can you communicate? The quick answer is you’re missing out. Don’t blame the business community for the rapid changes in business technology. Point the finger at your customers. The global marketplace has evolved to include many great innovations, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things...Read more

Fall in love with your data 

  You spend a lot of time thinking about your people and the applications you need to operate your business. But what about your data? How much of your attention does it get? This post explores how decision-makers at small and medium-sized organizations can think data-first when making important business decisions. The unsung asset Data....Read more

The new frontier of food 

    Canadian company uses AI, ebikes & the Microsoft Cloud to deliver local organic food to homes & offices with almost zero waste! Vancouver-based SPUD is a fast-growing local online organic food delivery company servicing six urban areas in Canada. The company’s proprietary logistics platform built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses artificial intelligence...Read more