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Microsoft Industry Blogs – United Kingdom

Taking to the Skies—and Beyond—with Mixed Reality

Ever fancied having a go at racing an aeroplane at 255 km per hour through an obstacle course just 15 metres off the ground? See how HoloLens makes it possible....

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Highlights of Microsoft at London Tech Week’s TechXLR8

If being around the latest trends in tech – AI, mixed reality and IoT – is exciting to you, then TechXLR8 probably had you feeling like a kid in a sweetie store....

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Where mobile meets the cloud: the workplace of the future

Whether you’re planning your future workplace around the right devices, apps, or infrastructure you’ll be able to get a glimpse of that future at London Tech Week...

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Artificial robot hand touch human hand

Augmented Humans, AI and the State of the Art

In the run-up to London Tech Week, we’ll look at the impact technology has on how we learn, live and work. In this series, we examine the art of the possible....

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Five Key Takeaways from Day 1 of UC Expo 2017

While there was a lot covered at UC Expo, the largest unified communications and collaboration event in Europe, here were my five key takeaways from Day 1....

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The Friday Sit-Down: Digital Transformation and Society

This week we examine some broader themes about technology in society from artificial intelligence to business transformation to the cloud’s role in helping society....

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