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Microsoft Industry Blogs - United Kingdom

How to create a simplified Lambda Architecture with Cosmos DB and Databricks 

Lambda architectures enable efficient data processing of massive data sets, using batch-processing, stream-processing, and a serving layer to minimise the latency involved in querying big data. To implement a lambda architecture on Azure, you can combine the following technologies to accelerate real-time big data analytics....Read more

Scalable AI for the IT Pro 

You don’t need to be a data scientist to enjoy the benefits of the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. These days, AI on platforms like Azure Machine Learning is designed to augment the skills IT pros and developers already possess without disrupting their current workflows....Read more

How to use Analytics in the Cloud 

Microsoft Azure is a platform that can cater to your analytical workloads – picking the right tool for the right job is the key. Fortunately, the core offerings can be broken down into three platform as a service (PaaS) offerings for storing and managing your high scale data workloads, Azure Data Lake, Azure Databricks and...Read more