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Microsoft Industry Blogs - United Kingdom

Getting started with Microsoft developer certifications 

Looking after the Microsoft Technical Certification business, I’m fortunate to regularly engage with developers worldwide every year, both online and at numerous industry conferences. Most of our conversations revolve around two key questions. For the benefit of the developer community, I’d like to share my answers here....Read more

5 common mistakes made in Unity 

It’s important to understand how Unity works, so that its limitations can actually become a guided path. This post will show some of the most typical mistakes developers make when approaching Unity for the first time....Read more

Windows 10 Licensing Logic 

Is Windows 10 going to be free? Will Windows 10 be the last ever version? Will 2015 be a great summer? Well, let’s tackle the second question here....Read more

Contribute to TechNet UK! 

Writing a blog for TechNet UK is a great way to put your name, advice and projects in front of our developer and IT pro audience. If there’s something you want to write about that will be useful to like-minded techies, we want to hear from you....Read more