How to get started with Azure Networking Security 

Looking at it as simply as possible, good network security means allowing only required traffic and preventing everything else while logging what is useful for auditing. Azure offers several integrated services that can help achieve this. Read more

What is Azure Dedicated Host? 

Dedicated Host is a new service that provides you with a single-tenant-host to run your workloads on. Or to phrase that more simply, your very own physical server in an Azure data centre. Read more

Azure Sentinel – Where to start? 

First announced back in late February, Azure Sentinel is the first cloud-native SIEM (security information and event management) service from a major provider. Read more

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Azure Migrate – Where Should I Start? 

If you’re thinking about making a move to Azure, it’s important to first understand how to approach it. With the correct approach and sufficient planning, a migration can be straight forward, efficient and void of surprises. Read more

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What are Azure Blueprints? 

Not sure about what Azure Blueprints are and if they are usable for your environment? Joe Carlyle explains them in detail, and why you might want to use one. Read more

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