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Microsoft Industry Blogs – United Kingdom
A women uses a surface tablet to help a female customer in a small SMB boutique retail shop.

How to improve customer engagement: your CRM checklist

To build great relationships with your customers, you need to get to know who you’re speaking to. By utilising a CRM system, a business owner can ensure they not only keep a track of their customers’ purchases, but can create customer follow-ups. Here are 5 questions to help you find the CRM system that’s best...

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Man working on tablet in cafe

4 collaboration tools to manage remote teams easily

Over 4 million workers in the UK work remotely, according to TUC. This makes up almost 15 percent of the workforce, and this number is increasing year over year. If you aren’t part of a company where you all work remotely, chances are you occasionally work from home, or while you’re offsite with customers. Managing...

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Man on street looking at his mobile phone

6 ways to keep your data secure whilst on the go

With the number of smartphone users expected to reach over five billion by 2019, you can expect your employees will be connected to their work on either their personal or business devices. Here are six tips to ensure personal and organisational data stays secure on any device....

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A female and a male colleague collaborating in a cafe with a Surface Book.

4 simple ways to unlock creativity in the workplace

Surfacing creativity in your organisation isn’t just about creating the right culture. It’s also about ensuring you have the right tools and technology in place to empower your workforce. Here are 4 practical ways you can unlock creativity in your organisation....

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A female CIO leads a meeting using a Surface device

The future role of a CIO

A modern CIO is taking a human-centric approach to technology. They’re focussing on the employee experience, ensuring everybody is empowered to work the best they can, using technology that suits their working style. Find out what a modern CIO needs to do to help their organisation flourish....

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Identify your core business challenges

How to get started with AI

Organisations that are already on the AI journey are more productive and see 5% greater business outcomes than those who aren’t, but it can be a little overwhelming to figure out how to get started. It’s all about seizing your opportunities and keeping the human experience in mind....

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Employee skills + technology = better outcomes

How to re-skill your employees for the AI era

You can have all the beneficial AI tools in the world, but without employee buy-in, you won’t succeed. It’s not just their buy-in that you need, either. Your employees also need access to training so they can re-skill themselves for the AI era. After all, they can’t reap the benefits of AI if they’re not...

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What should AI be allowed to do?

How to use AI responsibly

It’s important that we have an ethical approach to AI. It must be bias-free, accountable, transparent, and protect the data it owns.The question we must ask is not what AI can do, but what it should do....

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