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Windows Virtual Desktop Spring Update enters Public Preview 

On the 30th of March the Spring Update Release of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) entered Public Preview. This means anyone can go to the Azure Portal and deploy an WVD Workspace and test the new capability. This article discusses the new updates and capabilities in this new release, as well as changes and other items you...Read more

How to deploy Linux in WVD when you can’t deploy Linux in WVD 

In my role as a Windows Virtual Desktop Global Black Belt at Microsoft working with customers deploying WVD, I often get asked can we deploy Linux in WVD? The answer is no, but yes. The official answer is we don’t support Linux. In fact, this is the official list of operating systems that we support:...Read more

What are the top methods to deploy a Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pool 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are seeing a significant increase in working from home, as well as massive demand for new Windows Virtual Desktop host pools, where organisations are increasing the infrastructure foot print in order to support these additional users.   You may well be being asked to either deploy new WVD host...Read more

Create a corporate URL for the Windows Virtual Desktop Website, Part 2 Azure Front Door 

In Part one of this topic I showed how you could redirect a corporate URL to the WVD URL, so that your users would only need to remeber or bookmark a familar URL. That was using a few lines of code and an Azure Function app: This post shows how to acheive the same...Read more

How to dynamically update session hosts in an existing host pool 

Do you have an existing Windows Virtual Desktop where you want to replace the session host virtual machines with new images?  You could build a new host pool with the new session host VM’s and present the new icon to users and get them to test and then switch them over. That’s not ideal as...Read more

Drinking our own Windows Virtual Desktop champagne. 

So my laptop packed up over the weekend, and that gave me the opportunity to actually walk the walk rather than just talking about Windows Virtual Desktop and Azure, actually drinking our own champagne. Hence for the last couple of days I have been using my own Windows 10 VDI that is in Azure delivered...Read more

Create a corporate URL for the Windows Virtual Desktop Website 

The current Windows Virtual Desktop HTML5 client is currently accessed using a Microsoft URL which is reasonably long and also is the exact same for every customer: This isn’t ideal if you work for an enterprise and want your users to be using a corporate URL in order to access what are corporate applications...Read more

Windows Virtual Desktop pre-requisites – everything in the right place to enable you to deploy without errors 

Windows Virtual Desktop is a newly announced capability for managing VDI and RDSH as a service from Azure. It went into public preview in March of 2019, with many successful deployments for testing purposes having been completed. However we have seen a large number of failures of the Azure Resource Manager deployment from a set...Read more