The Opportunities and Responsibilities of AI 

We believe AI to be more game changing than any technological advance that came before it. It’s taken us nearly four decades to put a PC on every desk and a smart phone in every pocket, but the pace of AI deployment will be much faster, and its impact more profound….Read more

What is Azure Dedicated Host? 

Dedicated Host is a new service that provides you with a single-tenant-host to run your workloads on. Or to phrase that more simply, your very own physical server in an Azure data centre….Read more

Azure Sentinel – Where to start? 

First announced back in late February, Azure Sentinel is the first cloud-native SIEM (security information and event management) service from a major provider….Read more

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DevOps in Practice 

In a modern agile world, it is important to deliver your product to the end user as quickly as possible, retrieve feedback, and then deliver a new version that includes all the requested features. To achieve this, you need DevOps….Read more

New certification: Azure Security Engineer Associate 

Microsoft certified professionals earn 15% more on average than their peers according to The Business Value of IT Certification, a 2015 survey conducted by IDC and Microsoft. Since then, several other surveys have continued to prove the value of certification for both technology professionals as well as the companies they work for: According to a 2017 survey…Read more

Microsoft Azure Security Center: Securing Cloud Resources 

Everybody knows that IT security is important, but the word “security” is very broad and most of us don’t know where to start. Fortunately, Microsoft Azure Security Center was designed to help you monitor security across hybrid cloud workflows, as well as detect and react quickly to threats….Read more