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Log Analytics: Queries, how to find and run them in a Workbook – part 2 

I hadn’t intended a Part 2 on this topic, but I also managed to add Tabs into the “FindMySyntax” Workbook for Azure Monitor Workbooks and Azure Resource Graph. Please see part1: Summary So why do I have a Azure Monitor Workbook to find Workbooks, two main reasons: In Shared Workbooks, I can again search...Read more

Log Analytics Workspace Retention Reporting Options (Part 2) 

In my previous post I talked about using Postman to make a REST API call to a Log Analytics workspace to view and change the retention settings. Equally I mentioned that I would look to utilise an Azure Monitor workbook to visualise the settings. Azure Monitor workbooks are a fantastic way to visualise data within...Read more

Log Analytics Workspace Retention Reporting Options (Part 1) 

Hi all, This is the first of two posts that I will be doing on how you can report on the Retention settings of an Azure Log Analytics workspace. In the second post I will provide a sample Workbook for displaying the settings. It is often that during my conversations with customers about Azure Monitor,...Read more

Log Analytics or Azure Sentinel – how schedule a report 

In this post I show how you can schedule a report to run, using a Log Analytics query, its a frequent ask and one I have answered a few times in posts like this: Question: Can I schedule a query to run in Azure Monitor Logs / Log Analytics (or even for Azure Sentinel)...Read more

5 steps to create a strong data strategy for your business 

What is your business data strategy? This question is rarely asked as part of the buying cycle for business systems. But this question will determine your long-term competitive capabilities so it requires careful consideration. If we think about how markets have changed over the years, having the ability to identify and respond to new business...Read more