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Windows 10 can protect the information, systems and people in your business. So why put off upgrading?

We all have something we choose to put off. Take upgrading your organisation’s operating system to the latest version – you might have your reasons for delaying the move to Windows 10.

Maybe you have some really important questions you want answered, like ‘Isn’t it just another operating system?’ or ‘Why should I spend time and money just to stay current?’ or ‘Will it work with our existing hardware and software?’ or even ‘How will it impact the security of my business?’

You’re probably thinking ‘It can always wait until tomorrow, can’t it?’

Well, no you really shouldn’t put it off because the knock-on effect of not upgrading to Windows 10 could leave your company vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

The last few years have seen a revolution in enterprise security threats. Enterprises that are used to attacks from individuals and small groups that were out for mischief or personal notoriety have been replaced by well-funded criminal organisations seeking profit. So you need a solution that evolves in the fight to keep your mobile workforce and data secure.

Addressing today’s threats requires a new approach. Windows 10 goes beyond just building bigger walls and delivers entirely new ways to help protect identities, data and devices. It provides a single, highly secure platform across your devices and allows IT to leverage current investments, simplify application development and smooth traditional deployment peaks. All with a familiar, easy to learn experience.

Once implemented, it provides constantly updated software and security patches to ensure compatibility and security. This all means minimal input from you and maximum protection for your organisation.

Download the Windows 10 whitepaper for more reasons to upgrade