I hadn’t intended a Part 2 on this topic, but I also managed to add Tabs into the “FindMySyntax” Workbook for Azure Monitor Workbooks and Azure Resource Graph.

Please see part1: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/industry-blog/en-gb/cross-industry/2020/06/18/log-analytics-kql-saved-queries-how-to-find-and-run-them-in-a-workbook/

For future versions please look here: https://github.com/CliveW-MSFT/KQLpublic/tree/master/KQL/Workbooks/findMySynatx


So why do I have a Azure Monitor Workbook to find Workbooks, two main reasons:

  1. In Shared Workbooks, I can again search within the code for a keyword – highly useful for finding specific syntax.  Shared Workbooks are those other people are granted access to view.
  2. You can filter by Time Modified – again useful if you have a lot of Workbooks to search through.  This is also true for Private Workbooks (only the ones the author can see).  

I have 100s of Workbooks from various projects, so a search by date is extremely useful.   Unfortunately you cant do a keyword search within these, private workbooks.


I also created a similar Tab for Azure Resource Graph saved queries (saved Queries only), again the main benefit is a Time and Keyword search.


Please see the latest file in my Github:  https://github.com/CliveW-MSFT/KQLpublic/tree/master/KQL/Workbooks/findMySynatx

If you’d like to give it a try please read how to Import a Workbook from here: https://github.com/CliveW-MSFT/KQLpublic/blob/master/README.md


Special thanks to Gary Bushey for testing some of this, sorry Gary, but not all the bugs I’ve fixed yet!


Thanks Clive