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Microsoft Industry Blogs - United Kingdom


Meet the #E2ChangeMakers 

Learn about Team UK’s time at the E2 Global Education Exchange. Find out why being a Microsoft Innovative Educator unlocks student’s learning potential....Read more

Creating social impact at Microsoft 

Find out how Tech Pathways ensures no one is left as the world embarks on a digital journey, and how they encourage young adults to consider a tech career....Read more

The benefits of hiring an apprentice 

I work in the Customer Success Unit, where we support our customers to help them better harness and deliver a successful digital transformation. We also want to futureproof our co-workers and employees. With this in mind, we built our early in career programme with apprentices. I started my career as an apprentice so I know...Read more

Four skills you need to succeed in 2019 

How many skills are there in the professional world? About 50,000, according to LinkedIn.[1] And as technology grows, so will that number. Maintaining and developing skill sets are important for individuals and businesses alike. Skilled employees are 8.4 percent more productive and 70 percent of employees indicated that job-related training and development opportunities influenced their...Read more