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Microsoft Industry Blogs - United Kingdom


Affordability of devices 

One of the most difficult things a school has to focus on is achieving value for money for its learners. In these times of shrinking budgets, the largest slice of your budget will always be the salaries of your staff. Additionally, whether you are an independent or state school regardless of whether you are a...Read more

Lift off this coming academic year with superb training free from Microsoft 

Imagine if you went to the doctor with an ailment and they told you that they hadn’t had their knowledge about medicine and their skills updated since they left university. You’d be horrified, right? Continuing professional development is key to ensuring that all professionals are able to make the most of cutting-edge research, knowledge and...Read more

Cultivating collaborations with learner communities in Teams 

As a Learning Technologist, I work closely with our Faculty of Health and Wellbeing as digital learning lead, to effectively embed technology into learning and teaching practice. I am passionate about my work and find the collaboration between academic colleagues and technologists to be particularly rewarding. I became an MIE Expert last August after becoming...Read more

Accessiblity for all 

Accessibility should be available in all walks of life whether you are in education, the workplace or at home so offering accessibility to those that need it is very important. Here at Microsoft we have a mission to empower every person in every organisation, there is an estimated 1 billion people in the world that have...Read more

Never mind budget, imagination is all you need! 

Which lessons do you remember from your time at school? How about the one where you made a rocket out of a plastic bottle? Or the one where you used crayons and paper to reveal the patterns on tree bark? What about the one where you walked along your local river, measuring pebbles for erosion...Read more

OneNote allows us to run like a well-oiled machine 

I am yet to meet a teacher that doesn’t like a short cut, or, to put it better, reduced workload! Modern teaching is just so busy, and I find nothing more satisfying than finding a method that allows me to be more efficient in my work. 9 time out of 10, this improved efficiency is...Read more

Paint 3D: A tool for teaching science 

Paint 3D is a wonderful new tool that comes installed with the Windows 10 creators update. It has all the simplicity of the original Paint but enables you to easily create in 3D. You can draw, colour, and stamp stickers in 3D. You can texture your 3D object and turn it from wood to marble....Read more

Flipping the meeting with OneNote 

Some meetings seem to go on forever and then there’s even meetings about meetings! But have you ever stopped to think about the effectiveness of your meetings and if you’re getting the very best out of your staff in them? You only have to look around your next senior leadership or middle leaders meeting and...Read more

Microsoft Teams is a game changer when Mother Nature strikes 

On Wednesday the 28th of April 2018, the Scottish Government issued its first ever RED weather warning leaving many authorities across the country with no option but to close their schools. Now, I am certain many primary aged children were filled with joy, I know my own children were! In contrast many secondary school teachers...Read more

How to use technology effectively in the classroom 

There’s no doubt that technology is changing the way we work but how can you use technology to its full potential in the classroom to help your students work smarter and prepare them for the future workplace. We caught up with some of our Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts to see how they’re using technology to...Read more