You know your job better than anyone else. You know that for a solicitor every day can turn up something unexpected that demands your attention. Then there’s the added frustration of wasted time due to circumstances out of your control, clients expecting you to deliver everything yesterday, and the mountain of paperwork that’s keeping you in the office when you should be at home.

Sound all too familiar?


Imagine it’s 8.10am and you’re on the way to the office when your train is delayed. Or it’s 11.30am and you’re at the police station, about to represent a client during an interview – but the officer in question isn’t available for 45 minutes. Or perhaps it’s the middle of your busy afternoon and you’re ready to go into court when you find out there’s another case before yours.

These delays may only be a few minutes here or there, but they mount up over a day, over a week. It creates periods where your working day is essentially on pause while you are at the mercy of someone else’s timetable.

What if you could continue working through all of these situations? What if unexpected delays fitted seamlessly into your workflow? And all that time saved meant getting home just that little bit earlier in the evening.


We can’t really call it multi-tasking: Emergency meetings, unexpected phone calls – it’s more like manic-tasking where everything seems to be coming right at you all at the same time. Problems arise and you have to deal with them then and there – often while you’re in the middle of another situation. All the while, you’re looking at your paperwork thinking “I’ll do it in a minute” but at 6pm it’s still untouched.

Even if your mind can keep up, are the tools you use doing the same? Are you able to constantly access everything you need wherever you are? Or at the end of the day are you scrabbling to pull together your notes from various notepads?

What if you could still use a pen but never have to type up your handwritten notes ever again? And what if every note you have ever written was always there for you, accessible whenever you needed it? Less transcribing, more time for your key tasks.


There are clients, there are cases, but there’s also a business to run. That means all the legal teams must have exactly what they need to do their job, and it means that all the data they are working with is secure against not just accidental loss but also the ever-changing cyber security landscape.

Your partners, colleagues and teams need to be prepared for any given situation. Surface Book with Windows 10 can offer them the flexibility, reliability and security they need to perform in the modern legal landscape.

It’s the familiarity of pen-and-paper with the mobility of a tablet and the full power of a laptop.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest legal developments is essential. So why fall behind on technology when it has the potential to empower everyone to achieve more – no matter what your day throws at you.

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