Webinar Series – from Zero to Analytics: Transform Healthcare with the Microsoft Cloud.

With its launch on 7th September Microsoft was officially the first global cloud provider to offer a complete and trusted cloud solution from data centres in the UK.  In this context, we were pleased that The Ministry of Defence and the South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust would turn to us, and be among the first customers to adopt the Microsoft Cloud when we opened our UK data centres.

As time passes by, there are always more public sector organisations turning to Microsoft’s cloud solutions for its infrastructure and platform services.

The Complete Cloud

For your health organisation to digitally transform and realise the benefits of the cloud, you must be willing to entrust your cloud provider with one of your most valuable assets – your data.

Whether you’re just starting to migrate your email or imaging storage to the cloud or you’re considering using cloud-based clinical systems, you need to be able to trust the technology you’re using.

Trust is essential as you move datasets containing patient identifiable information (PDI), including patient demographics and treatment information, to the cloud. It’s critical as you share data across the health ecosystem, and expand how and where health professionals and patients access confidential information.

The Trusted Cloud

When we think of some of our most basic human needs – security, health, for instance – we recognise the great deal of trust we place on those who provide these services for us. They, in turn, recognise the tremendous responsibility for continually earning that trust.

As Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella often states: “Businesses and users are going to use technology only if they can trust it.” It’s one of the reasons we’ve focused so relentlessly on earning and keeping the trust of our cloud customers.  There are four pillars on which we’ve built this trust: security, privacy, transparency and compliance.

  • SecurityWe’ve built security into the DNA of our cloud offering providing several layers of protection: data, application, host, network and physical; and with the availability of Azure Security Centre we can help you prevent, detect, and respond to threats with increased visibility into and control over the security of your Azure resources.
  • TransparencyMicrosoft provides visibility into our processes because we know for you to control your customer data in the cloud, you need to understand how that data is handled.
  • PrivacyBecause Microsoft believes that customers should control their own data, we will not disclose customer data hosted in the Microsoft Cloud to a government or law enforcement except as you direct or where required by law.
  • Compliance – This is a particularly important pillar when it comes to UK data residency. We’ve been an industry leader in conforming to the government’s 14 Cloud Security Principles.

Wherever you are on your journey to the cloud, it’s vital to work with a service provider that you can trust. You must trust that confidential information is protected, that it’s held and managed securely and in compliance with regulations and laws, and that its privacy is protected. Microsoft Health Accreditations include:

  • The NHS ISB1596 secured email standard to hold patient data in email.
  • ISO27001 (a pre-requisite to meet the ISB1596 accreditation).
  • ISO27018 the first cloud supplier to meet the international accreditation for data privacy.

In addition, we support HIPAA and the HITECH Act, as well as the Minimum Acceptable Risk Standards for Exchanges (MARS-E). For more information about our commitment to security, compliance, and privacy to protect health information in Microsoft business cloud services, please click here.

Transforming the NHS

As John Newton writes in the foreword to the National Information Board’s Annual Report: “As recently as 2014, the NHS was declared the highest-ranking healthcare system in the world on quality, access and efficiency.  Nevertheless, the size and scope of its services, […] seems to have hindered its ability to select and adopt some of the best digital technology […] A new, more holistic view of health and a recognition that services need to put the patient centre stage, also generate new requirements and opportunities for digital approaches.”

Microsoft are proud to work with the NHS and is committed to supporting NHS’s digital aspirations of using data and technology to deliver the Sustainability Transformation Plans.

We have created a series of webinars to help NHS at local, regional and national level to drive transformation in patient experience and health outcomes.

We designed straightforward webinars to help you start sustainable transformations in your healthcare organisations.

1-   Store health medical imaging files on Azure – May 11th

A simple, cost effective, compliant and secure (Including IG Toolkit documentation) way to quickly address these challenges, using Microsoft Azure StorSimple, either to take the strain off your existing environment, or to form a vital part of your Storage upgrade strategy and plans.

2-   Build a Hospital’s Data Centre in Azure – May 17th

Find out how to build an infinite Tier 4 data centre on your own terms, with always up to date equipment, and that does not need physically maintaining. Azure allows you to keep control of your data and reduce on premise costs. Furthermore, once you get to grips with the hybrid, on premises – cloud Data Centre model, you can identify which workloads run the most efficiently across the two environments, meaning you get the maximum efficiency from your on premises investment.

3-   Make sense of your Healthcare Trust Data with Analytics – May 25th

Data, data, everywhere. But what on earth do we do with it? Combine data from multiple sources into a single, trusted BI semantic model that is easy to understand and use. Enable self-service and data discovery for business users by simplifying the view of data and its underlying structure.

The cloud offers an exceptional opportunity to make sense of your Healthcare Trust Data, to streamline operations and to reduce costs by providing both clinical and non-clinical users the insights they need to make more-informed choices at the point of decision.

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