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If you have the misfortune of needing to visit a doctor, you may notice that your health records, notes and prescriptions are often managed by a computer system older than the doctor helping you.

The truth is, healthcare professionals can’t afford to be locked down to a single workstation anymore, or be held back by slow and unreliable legacy tech. They need devices that allow them to find time for one-to-one consultations, without negatively impacting on the quality of the experience with patients.

According to McKinsey & Company, the majority of customers (75%) expect to use digital services in the future. They want to use their personal devices to access their information and interact with medical services in the same way they do with other services. If legacy tech remains a blocker to these digital services, healthcare organizations who aren’t providing this experience will start to lose their constituencies to those who are.

With Surface Go, it’s healthcare professionals and their patients that benefit. Mobile care workers can capture patient information on the go, using Wi-Fi to ensure there’s always a connection for accessing records and requesting assistance from doctors and consultants.

Nurses can stay productive while on the move, allowing them to react quickly to emergencies while still having the patient information they need, ready to go. Physicians using Surface can see two new patients a day on average, thanks to the time saved by eliminating delays caused by logging into multiple devices throughout the day.

Whether you are a physician or a pharmaceutical sales rep, the Surface is the ideal device to support you in your day to day.

With a rise in mobile healthcare workers and portable technology, there of course need to be assurances that sensitive information is always kept safe and secure. Having top class security has never been more important, either. According to Deloitte, 23% of all data breaches hit the health industry.

With Surface Go, you can access patient data knowing that built-in security features such as BitLocker, TPM, Windows Defender and Secure Book are keeping personal health information protected.

The needs of each individual in the healthcare industry are incredibly diverse, so Surface Go has been designed to cover as many of these as possible. These features include:

  • View and share medical images and files clearly, using full versions of clinical desktop apps.
  • Work seamlessly across other Microsoft devices, all supported on Windows 10.
  • Streamline processes and create efficiencies in a hospital or clinic with Windows 10 apps on Surface devices.
  • Smallest, lightest Surface yet means that it can be carried around for work without being cumbersome.
  • 12 hours of battery life support extended hours working on the move.

The Surface Go is an incredibly flexible device that can have a massive positive impact on the healthcare industry. Try one today and see what difference it can make to your organization’s digital transformation.

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