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If you work in an office with multiple departments, you may have experienced employees working in their own individual silos. You may find your projects or tasks are taking longer to complete than necessary. However, if employees can collaborate more closely, they can solve problems faster than working alone, making teams super-efficient and whole departments more productive.

What’s more, when people collaborate, ideas and creativity thrive. When a team or department is collaborating smoothly, openly sharing information and able to communicate seamlessly, they work more effectively. So, your business can achieve company goals quicker.

Obviously, collaborative working can bring employees closer together in the office. But that also applies when employees work from home or remotely in another office, because when everyone feels involved, they feel part of the team. And when your whole team are contributing, you’ll find the that by using all the experience in your teams you’ll shape much stronger solutions.

Collaborative technology has a big part to play in enabling these efficient, collaborative and connected teams. It can also empower employees to work more flexibly instead of traditional office hours, making it easier to work from home or when travelling between meetings. This modern, flexible approach to work means teams can achieve greater efficiency and overall job satisfaction.

Enhanced collaboration and mobility in every Surface

The Microsoft Surface range is designed to bring people together and each device works seamlessly with the other. And when devices and products collaborate better together, so do people.

The powerful Surface range has an ideal balance of versatility, performance and craftsmanship. So, you can create and collaborate without compromise. The Surface Pro is an incredibly versatile two-in-one that adapts to any situation. The Surface laptop is thin, light and powerful and slides effortlessly into your bag. The Surface Book is, to many, the ultimate high-performance laptop and it’s now more powerful than ever. The Surface Studio gives you a huge digital canvas that’s perfect for collaborative idea generation. And the revolutionary Surface Hub connects you with co-workers or business partners, in your company or around the world, making teamwork possible.

And when you’ve finished your day job, Surface is equally powerful and versatile for your personal life, whether that’s home browsing or an exciting evening venture, and offers a seamless experience between your two worlds.

Watch a day in the life of David Frymann, Planning Partner at advertising agency McCann London, as he helps others achieve their ambitions during the day and realises his own at night. All with the power of Surface:

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