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Wild. Untamed. Chaotic. At first glance, they probably aren’t the three words you want to include in your next recruitment round or job specification. But if you want to stay ahead in business and succeed in the future, you need to walk on the wild side.

Or so says Claire Burge, CEO of This Is Productivity. Claire joined us at our recent Microsoft Teams launch event, and delivered a fierce speech on how the software is helping us to be more human. It’s a no-holds-barred discussion. She outlines why productivity is dead; why every norm we know about work is changing; and why the future of work is chaos.

Applying chaos theory to business strategy

The thought of a chaotic workplace probably makes you feel uncomfortable. And it’s not an unusual response: there are few people who’d want to hear that. But gentle change is no longer enough, thanks to how fast digital is changing our world. Now it’s time for disruptive, monumental change. A colossal shake-up in the workplace – resetting it on a grand scale.

And for Claire, chaos is the way forward. Chaos, as she explains, is one of the most organised states of being. It’s a complex network of thousands of things happening at the same time. Not so different to the reality of your business, right?

Claire is unwavering in her belief that we need to embrace chaos. Chaos allows the essence that makes us human come to the fore. And when this happens, we can work in teams more cohesively, creatively and successfully.

Claire Burge at Microsoft Teams launch

Learning to be human again

From the excitement of AI making people redundant, to bringing chaos to workplaces, Claire raises points that may sound controversial. However, they’re points you need to be thinking about, and even putting into action.

If you want to see how Microsoft tools can help you create these cohesive, forward-looking teams, it’s a vital watch. In the session, Claire discusses her 12 months without email – and why she believes it’s the way to go. And she explains why Microsoft Teams is the answer to letting employees be more human, and work better together. Her questions are big and bold. But they’re essential for companies that want to succeed.

No, you shouldn’t throw all your filing papers into the air and create chaos that way. But it is time to start embracing chaos, and all it can do for your business.

Want to hear Claire’s session in full? Or perhaps get teamwork tips from a Red Arrow pilot? Watch this on-demand recording of the Microsoft Teams launch event for all the answers.

Watch the full session from the Microsoft Teams launch
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