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Do cars have souls? Kind of an odd and esoteric question, like “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” But if you’re Aric Cromi, Chief Futurologist for Volvo Cars, the answer is most certainly yes. According to Cromi, through the mixed reality enabled by Microsoft HoloLens, “you can do something you could never do before; you can see the soul of the car.”

As part of a partnership with Microsoft, Volvo Cars has been using HoloLens (the first self-contained, holographic computer) for more than just seeing the souls of the cars it builds. It’s really helping Volvo push the envelope of innovation when it comes to providing better and safer cars for its customers. It changes the way customers choose options and make decisions while shopping for a new Volvo. They are able to consider features and colours at full-scale and in 3D as if on the showroom floor, rather than simply viewing a flat image on a screen. It helps engineers better visualize how their cars perceive and react to their environments.

Take a closer look at how Microsoft and Volvo are working together to bring cars to life like never before with HoloLens

Watch their story here:

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