In the past with the help of databases and business intelligence, manufacturers have been able to identify the “what” and “why” of their most prominent business challenges. Now with the proliferation of cloud, big data and machine learning, manufacturers can figure out the “when” part of their challenges, allowing them to be proactive and anticipate the right response.

Big data allows manufacturers to have access to and analyse vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from various sources including IoT Devices, Social Media, and Business Applications such as ERP or CRM or SCADA. This gives greater opportunity to manufacturers to improve customer connections, streamline operations, and empower employees by providing more accurate information. Combining these can transform organisations by changing the business model or creating new revenue streams.

The opportunities facing manufacturing organisations are:

  • Ability to connect siloed datasets or store data not currently captured allowing for better insights and decision making
  • Machine learning to be as accurate as possible, a vast amount of data is required, and big data offers this possibility
  • Manufacturers have a broad spectrum of the users’ technical fluency so transferring the skills into big data, analytical job should be an opportunity

Some of the areas where data can be used to transform manufacturing business are:

  • By developing predictive models where manufacturers can adjust processes and systems to trigger preventive actions when certain conditions occur. With machine learning, the system can automatically create preventative actions and feed into a business process application such as CRM or ERP
  • Predictive models can also be used to identify variations in quality, as well as the root cause, before quality thresholds are passed
  • Manufacturers can connect data points from their factory, thus allowing a digital factory to emerge and be run in a more efficiently manner

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