Log Analytics: Queries, how to find and run them in a Workbook – part 2 

I hadn’t intended a Part 2 on this topic, but I also managed to add Tabs into the “FindMySyntax” Workbook for Azure Monitor Workbooks and Azure Resource Graph. Please see part1: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/industry-blog/en-gb/cross-industry/2020/06/18/log-analytics-kql-saved-queries-how-to-find-and-run-them-in-a-workbook/ For future versions please look here: https://github.com/CliveW-MSFT/KQLpublic/tree/master/KQL/Workbooks/findMySynatx Summary So why do I have a Azure Monitor Workbook to find Workbooks, two main reasons:…Read more


Log Analytics or Azure Sentinel – how schedule a report 

In this post I show how you can schedule a report to run, using a Log Analytics query, its a frequent ask and one I have answered a few times in posts like this: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/azure-log-analytics/log-analytics-for-report-generation/m-p/1469610 Question: Can I schedule a query to run in Azure Monitor Logs / Log Analytics (or even for Azure Sentinel)…Read more

Log Analytics: Improved rendering of Charts 

Hi all,   I just found out today that the Render operator now supports more features in Log Analytics.   Event | summarize dcount(EventID) by Computer , bin(TimeGenerated, 1h) | render timechart with (legend = hidden, title = “My Title here”, xtitle = “X title”, ytitle = “Y title”, ymin = 3, ymax = 10)…Read more