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Azure Cosmos DB: A Completely Unofficial Primer 

Ian Moulster is back with a totally unofficial look at Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB, a service that is growing at a phenomenal rate as developers and data scientists across the world start taking advantage of its remarkable capabilities....Read more

Azure Monitor Workbooks: How to find Virtual Machines that are in, and not in Azure! 

Sorry I’ve been away for while, however I’m back with a few articles on Azure Monitor Workbooks.  Thanks to Alp Babayigit for the idea and use case for this Workbook. I first started with Workbooks when Azure Sentinel was launched and published some articles here:   Summary In this new Workbook, I...Read more

The technical and soft skills needed to succeed with AI in 2020 and beyond 

With the right tools and employee skills, every developer can transform into an AI developer, and every company can evolve into an AI company. But for the greatest success, you’ll need to embrace, and nurture among your team, a wide set of technical and soft skills. This could be through self-learning or partnering with another...Read more

Azure Sentinel – Average GB per day 

Why Average GB per day, it’s because that’s the information the Azure Pricing Calculator needs now that Azure Sentinel is released. This query looks at all billable data in your Log Analytics workspace and takes an average over the period. Example Then search for Sentinel / or look in the Security section. —————————————————————————————————————— //...Read more

Azure Sentinel – Costing Estimate (PAYG) 

In this example, now that Azure Sentinel is Generally Available (GA) we can look at the Azure Monitor Logs (Log Analytics) and Azure Sentinel charges. I have used Pay as You Go (PAYG) for both, using USD $ and EASTUS as the region, but please feel free to adapt to you local region or currency....Read more