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Graphic for the blogger series. Using AI to shape an inclusive future for all.

Using AI to shape an inclusive future for all

Artificial intelligence is changing the way people live, work and learn. The use of AI allows us to be more productive and efficient with our time. But can intelligent technology be used for more? On March 28th, we will be running our next meetup event which focuses on AI for Accessibility. We have an exciting...

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Blogging series graphic

The 3 most important words in cybersecurity

It’s no longer important just to build ‘stronger walls’. You don’t just need to protect; you need to detect and respond. Products and services that have built-in security tend to have better usability. Meaning not only is it secure, but it’s easy to adopt and be productive in the long-term....

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Blogger series graphic showing accessibilty - woman using a braille machine with her Surface.

Dear Accessibility Ninjas: you all play a key part in building an inclusive world

March 8th is International Women’s Day, where we will be promoting the hashtag, #BalanceForBetter. It’s a call for action to achieve gender balance across the world. First and foremost, I am a woman. So, the importance of the #BalanceForBetter agenda resonates with me. But I’m also a woman with disabilities. I’m registered deafblind due to...

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Blogger series graphic showing apprentices at work

The benefits of hiring an apprentice

I work in the Customer Success Unit, where we support our customers to help them better harness and deliver a successful digital transformation. We also want to futureproof our co-workers and employees. With this in mind, we built our early in career programme with apprentices. I started my career as an apprentice so I know...

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