The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure: Settling the six-decade war between Agility and Control 

Agility and control. Diametrically opposing forces present in almost every organisation in the world. Business leaders keen to innovate and disrupt the markets they operate in. Technical and IT leaders worried about security, governance, and availability. Both valid behaviours and concerns. Both totally incompatible with one another. Until now….Read more

Azure Log Analytics: how to read a file 

I often blog about various Log Analytics syntax after I get asked the same question a few times, in this case a few times last month and twice this week so far! Also posted as a reply here _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can use externaldata operator to read files, like csv or tsv, scsv, sohsv, psv, txt,…Read more

Azure Sentinel meets Azure Log Analytics – looking at data use and estimated costs. 

// // // Now that the pricing is released – please see // // Please use // ———————————————————————————————— Please use the above link – posted retained for examples only, now that Sentinel has been released ———————————————————————————————— This post combines two previous posts, one on Log Analytics and one on Sentinel Dashboards.…Read more