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Microsoft Industry Blogs - United Kingdom

Who’s smart now? Leadership in the time of artificial intelligence 

It’s tough being a leader today. Unlike the explorers of yesteryear, no longer is it as easy as organising an expedition to a distant summit then sitting back in the expectation of certain success. Today, those who have attempted such expeditions have often had their hubris checked by an unexpected disruptor with the temerity to...Read more

What is cloud-native and how can it help you? 

Thanks to the cloud, it’s now easier than ever for a business to start and scale as they grow. No longer do you have large upfront costs to gain access to on-premises servers. You only pay for what you need, when you need it. This allows for much greater flexibility and faster innovation, making it...Read more

4 ways to improve your employee engagement 

An engaged workforce is a productive one. They are also generally happier, less stressed, and are more likely to stay. You’ll read a lot about employee engagement, but what you really should be focussing on is inspiring them. Find out how to inspire your employees....Read more

The future role of a CIO 

A modern CIO is taking a human-centric approach to technology. They’re focussing on the employee experience, ensuring everybody is empowered to work the best they can, using technology that suits their working style. Find out what a modern CIO needs to do to help their organisation flourish....Read more