12 days of an AI Christmas 

We’ve summarised our year in AI with a twist on the classic “12 Days of Christmas” jingle, from the state of the AI in the UK and what opportunities it presents, as well as practical industry examples from our customers and partners. Read more

AI and the digital CEO 

AI crunches data and can help inform your strategy as a CEO, but it’s humans who have the insight and the soft skills to help your organisation succeed. Read more

Better together: How AI is enhancing our ingenuity 

Imagine the scene: your employees are hard at work, and they’re more productive than ever. They’ve got way more time to spend on big-picture thinking. And they can work with data in new and exciting ways, driving innovative ideas and stronger business outcomes for your organisation. This could be the future with AI. It’s a Read more

How to use AI responsibly 

It’s important that we have an ethical approach to AI. It must be bias-free, accountable, transparent, and protect the data it owns. The question we must ask is not what AI can do, but what it should do. Read more