How to use Microsoft Teams for remote learning: tips for all abilities 

No matter what your level of experience is with Microsoft Teams, there are lots of easy solutions for your classroom should you need to implement remote learning in light of recent news. Here are a range of ways I have used Microsoft Teams in my secondary school classroom when I have needed to implement remote Read more


Tools to support teachers with remote learning 

To transform your in-person classroom delivery into digital, remote learning opportunities, there are a range of tools available. In this article, I look at teaching methods in the classroom and share a few tools you can use to quickly and easily transform your planned classroom lesson into something that empowers students and teachers. If your Read more

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How to set up a remote learning workspace in 4 easy steps 

Many teachers will be new to the practice of remote learning and may be concerned about how they can get started and what they need to do. You may, or may not, be surprised to know that with a standard laptop and internet access you already have the hardware that you need to facilitate a Read more

How to create a great employee experience 

It can be incredibly daunting joining a large organisation like Microsoft. Imposter syndrome definitely starts to settle in when you first arrive at your new office. Based on my experience, here’s a few tips for providing a great employee experience to help them upskill and start delivering value at a much faster rate. Read more