6 tips to make flexible working work for you 

Since becoming a parent, I’ve had quite a lot of important decisions to make. Which way to feed, which vaccinations… One decision was easy. I financially need to work, but I also love my job and knew I wanted to come back to it. However, I was also aware that I didn’t want to sacrifice…Read more

Challenging the millennial stereotype 

There’s more to millennials than you read online. What if we started thinking about them in terms of the entire business? And understanding employees as individuals? Let them choose for themselves how they do their best work and provide the tools to help them do it….Read more

4 collaboration tools to manage remote teams easily 

Over 4 million workers in the UK work remotely, according to TUC. This makes up almost 15 percent of the workforce, and this number is increasing year over year. If you aren’t part of a company where you all work remotely, chances are you occasionally work from home, or while you’re offsite with customers. Managing…Read more