AI in healthcare: HoloLens in surgery 

Microsoft HoloLens and Surface Go are being used with incredible impact in the NHS. From reading vitals remotely through a camera, to enabling remote collaboration for first line workers. We take a look at some incredible use cases to show how these devices are being used….Read more

6 Office 365 tools to enhance productivity in the NHS 

There are many ways that AI is working for us in the background while empowering us to be more productive. Particularly in healthcare, there’s a huge opportunity for AI to assist not only by giving more time to spend on what’s important and out of the back office, but also ultimately helping save money in…Read more

The chatbot opportunity in healthcare 

It’s not hard to see why the chatbot innovation triggers excitement in the NHS. Chatbots can ease staffing issues, triage patients to the correct services, and source intelligent information for patients to their smart devices whenever they need it. We explore the opportunities it presents for healthcare….Read more

AI in healthcare: enabling better patient care 

The NHS is task oriented, making RPA the perfect fit. Working in partnership with us, Microsoft Partner Thoughtonomy deployed a Virtual Workforce in the NHS, using RPA and AI to automate the 2,000 referrals that typically came into the trust on a weekly basis….Read more