How the healthcare sector is innovating 

Whenever we set up at a large conference – as we did at Giant Health in London last month – we’re almost always buoyed by the reaction we receive. When it comes to mixed reality seeing is certainly believing. So, it’s heartening to hear a steady chorus of “wows” and “blimeys” as we place HoloLens…Read more

Communities, sustainability, metaverse and the future of retail 

It’s a fascinating time for retail in the UK. Retailers are learning how to adapt to this new world we’re in now. Shopping habits have changed, supply chains face emerging challenges, and whispers from the metaverse speak of brands positioning themselves in ways that would’ve seemed like science fiction less than a decade ago. The…Read more

Becoming hybrid by design 

Is cloud the end state? Do I need to migrate all of my workloads? We have been having this conversation for years now, and the answer is a resounding no….Read more