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Microsoft Industry Blogs - United Kingdom


How multi-factor authentication empowers secure hybrid working 

As we increasingly work outside the office and across different devices, organisations are looking at cloud modernisation and resilient security strategies. To adapt to a complex modern environment, organisations need a strategy that embraces the mobile workforce and empowers productivity, all while protecting people, devices and data no matter where they’re located. Enabling identity-based security...Read more

Who’s smart now? Leadership in the time of artificial intelligence 

It’s tough being a leader today. Unlike the explorers of yesteryear, no longer is it as easy as organising an expedition to a distant summit then sitting back in the expectation of certain success. Today, those who have attempted such expeditions have often had their hubris checked by an unexpected disruptor with the temerity to...Read more

Migrating to the modern desktop made easy 

Everyone wants the latest and greatest tech but something is stopping IT teams from migrating employees to modern desktops. A Windows PC is where the majority of your employees will do most of their work and, for them, it’s always been an easy choice. Most people are already happily using Windows 10 at home. But...Read more

The future role of a CIO 

A modern CIO is taking a human-centric approach to technology. They’re focussing on the employee experience, ensuring everybody is empowered to work the best they can, using technology that suits their working style. Find out what a modern CIO needs to do to help their organisation flourish....Read more

The latest trends in the Banking Landscape 

Find out about new technologies gaining traction in the sector, and how banks are moving cautiously towards innovative digital transformation....Read more