The developer-customer connection: Why dev-centred cultures are customer-centric cultures 

Customers in today’s world expect a seamless interaction with a business. Because of this, your organisation’s essential business processes and interactions with customers, partners and employees increasingly depends on tailored innovative digital solutions. The teams who develop and manage these solutions – developers – are at the heart of the organisation. They’re critical in enabling Read more

Make app building easier: The benefits of low-code and no-code 

Until recently, creating apps rested solely in the hands of professional developers. However, the surge in digital demand across every industry, and rise of low-code development platforms has set the stage for those outside of IT to solve business challenges themselves by making app building easy with drag-and-drop simplicity. When innovation becomes culture, we can Read more

Using Power BI and Logic Apps​ to analyse social media streams 

There are numerous technologies that can be utilised to stream, analyse and visualise tweets on Azure, including traditional Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Kafka, Spark, Storm, No SQL DBs and more. However, there are also a number of PAAS services that can be utilised to achieve the same result, with much less coding, configuration Read more