The developer-customer connection: Why dev-centred cultures are customer-centric cultures 

Customers in today’s world expect a seamless interaction with a business. Because of this, your organisation’s essential business processes and interactions with customers, partners and employees increasingly depends on tailored innovative digital solutions. The teams who develop and manage these solutions – developers – are at the heart of the organisation. They’re critical in enabling…Read more

Getting started with Azure AI 

With AI, we can build solutions that seemed like science fiction a short time ago; enabling incredible advances in health care, financial management, environmental protection, and other areas to make a better world for everyone….Read more

Try something new at the Global Game Jam this weekend 

The Global Game Jam has returned for its 14th year! From now until January 30th 2022, you can join likeminded game developers online and in-person to create something weird and wonderful in a 48 hour timespan. Why should I participate? Jams and hackathons are brilliant ways to collaborate with new people in a no-risk environment….Read more