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Microsoft Industry Blogs - United Kingdom


5 change management tips to motivate any team 

I’ve seen the instrumental changes that technology has had in the workplace over my 20-year career in IT. Digital transformation has caused businesses to rethink how they work. And if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and seize the opportunities of today’s digital age, you need to empower your workforce to do more...Read more

Microsoft Apprenticeships and Degree Apprenticeships: My Story 

A blog by Tom Light, focusing on apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships at Microsoft and his experience in Microsoft’s Early in Career community. I owe a lot to the Microsoft apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships programme. Driving past the Microsoft sign and into the Reading campus on a Monday morning in September 2017, I felt an overwhelming...Read more

Using colour and space to inspire creativity and drive productivity 

Colour isn’t what immediately comes to mind when you think of ways to encourage creativity and productivity in the workplace. But why shouldn’t it be? Colour has long been associated with emotions. Colour psychology, for example, is leveraged in marketing to sell products and make brands stand out. When G.F Smith and long term design...Read more

How to improve workplace stress 

With stress, anxiety, and depression accounting for 15.4 million lost days of work, it’s never been more important for organisations to have an open and communicative culture, where employees are empowered to support each other, and speak out when they need help. As we kick off Stress Awareness Month, we wanted to share our thoughts...Read more