Azure Mythbusters: There’s no MBaaS for Mobile Developers 

This video, by Mike James, is the second in this new series that aims to bust some of the myths surrounding Azure technologies. With his expertise, you’ll be able to gain a deep understanding of MBaaS and the full Visual Studio App Center pipeline, as well as why the myth exists in the first place…Read more

Data always tells a story 

Data always tells a story. Today, data and its stories have become one of the most valuable resources to strategic and operational decision makers. …Read more

The Top 10 TechNet UK Articles of 2019! 

We may be a few days into the new year, but there’s still one more thing we need to do before saying goodbye to 2019 – check out the top ten articles of the year! A massive thank you to our guest writers and contributors for providing these articles, and we hope to work with…Read more

Using Containers to run R/Shiny workloads in Azure: Part 4 

In the parts one, two and three of this series, I described how to build containers using Dockerfiles, then how to share and access them from Azure. In this part, we’ll move briefly away from Python to look at R together with Shiny as a dynamic reporting and visualisation capability pulling data from a Postgres…Read more

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