Build a bot in under 3 minutes… in Azure! 

Chat bots are an increasingly popular way for businesses to disclose information in a more conversational way, but where do you even start? Theo van Kraay takes a look at how you can get your own bot up and running in a matter of minutes….Read more

Developing a Cloud Capability Model 

Cloud Adoption can be a daunting process, requiring both high-level strategic thinking and detailed, execution level understanding. How do we develop a cloud strategy that is meaningful to non-technical stake holders, and useful to those tasked with its implementation? Stephen Armory takes a look….Read more

How to choose an Azure Virtual Machine 

By Alex Bennett, Firebrand Training Microsoft offers a wide range of Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) to choose from – giving you the ability to quickly develop, test, run applications and extend your data centre. But which one fits your demands? Joining us for this introduction to Azure Virtual Machines is Mike Brown, Lead Azure Instructor at…Read more