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DDD’s 15th outing is going virtual – register for this free event today! 

In 2005, on the back of Steve Ballmer’s famous “Developer! Developer! Developer!” speech, a group of community-focused people got together to organise a conference – by software developers, for software developers. Fifteen years later, DDD 2020 is set to break tradition – just a little bit – by going completely virtual....Read more

The Top 10 TechNet UK Articles of 2020! 

We’re now arriving at the end of 2020, so as is tradition we’re taking a look back at the articles that were most popular by you, the TechNet UK audience! It’s great to see a mix of names amongst the authors, complimenting a wide variety of different topics....Read more

How to eliminate Azure Data Factory’s public Internet exposure using Private Link 

Azure Private Link was made generally available on Feb 2020. Since then, it has made numerous Azure PaaS services more secured. By eliminating data transfer via the public internet, Azure Private Link helps reduce your exposure to cyber security attacks significantly....Read more

Managing bulk Azure Reserved Instances 

Azure has a feature called Reserved Instances (or RI). RI allow you to commit to a usage pattern over a certain time period, a year or 3 years for example. In this article we will cover Virtual Machine RIs, but RIs can be purchased for many different Azure services....Read more

Using Lobe models as APIs in Azure Functions 

Lobe is a free client app that helps any user to bring machine learning ideas into reality. Just show it examples of what you want it to learn, and it automatically trains a custom machine learning model that can be shipped to your app....Read more

Why you should migrate your .NET apps to the cloud 

The .NET developer platform has an amazing community of developers utilising the languages and framework to develop business applications at the core of their organisations. With the framework being Open Source and Microsoft’s developer tooling, it’s no wonder there are millions of developers out there utilising it....Read more

Starting my first Open Source project 

Getting started with open source can be daunting. Well, I don’t count myself as a veteran open source expert but I want to share with you some success I’ve had starting my first open source project....Read more