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Azure Migrate is a product that was released in 2018 Microsoft, but this July it received a revamp with a whole host of new features! I work at Microsoft helping customers through their journey from on-premises IT environments to ones in Azure, so I am super excited to see the new features land and be available to the general public.  

So, what are the new features?  


Integrated Experience

Azure Migrate can now be classed as the hub for your migration needs, now within the tool you have capabilities to assess Hyper-V and VMware environments, and the ability to migrate Hyper-V, VMware, physical and workloads sitting on other clouds into Azure, free of charge. And if Microsoft’s own tooling doesn’t suit your needs, we now have third party tooling integrated that you can use instead!   

You also have access to the Data Migration Assistant tooling and the Data Box order system to assist with database migrations or moving large volumes of data into Azure.  Plus, you can now have a look at migrating your.NET and PHP web apps to the Azure Platform-As-A-Service with our assessment and migration tooling. 

All your needs should now be met within the Azure Migrate hub, from assessment to migration. 


Migration Experience

As well as the additional assessment tooling that version 2 has brought to us, we now have migration capabilities within Azure Migrate! No longer do you need to turn to Azure Site Recovery (ASR) or a third party to migrate your workloads, you can utilise the Azure Migrate Server Migration tool either with an agent or without.  This supports migration of servers from Hyper-V, VMware and physical.  

ASR is a great tool but it was designed as a disaster recovery tool, and it’s great to see a dedicated migration tool now available from Microsoft.   

And the great thing about Azure Migrate is the assessment and migration features are free, there are no charges involved with product itself. Charges are involved when you start to replicate data and start to use those workloads within Azure, but Azure Migrate itself is a free product.  



It’s exciting see Azure Migrate mature as a product within Microsoft’s offerings.  You can really see that the product group are listening to feedback from customers and partners to bring a complete product.  

Check out our official documentation here to find out more about the product and how to implement it within your environment. 

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