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“My applications and data is more secure in my own data centre than it is in the cloud, as there I have all the control”.

We’ve heard this a lot from customers – but we’re going to bust this myth and show you three reasons why you can be more secure in the cloud than you can be in your own datacentre.

Shared Responsibility

Managing your assets in the cloud becomes more of a shared responsibility between you and your cloud provider. We’re not saying you can forget about security altogether when you move to the cloud of course, but you can relax a little bit by sharing that responsibility with your cloud provider to lighten the load a little.

A graph showing which Shared Responsibility features are in different service options.

Zero Effort Security Insights

By doing absolutely nothing, you can get great insights into your security posture. If you leverage services such as Azure Security Center, you’ll get a continuous security assessment, recommendations and a security score of your Azure cloud environment. With the standard tier, you also get access to advanced services like threat modelling and just-in-time access to your virtual machines.

A screenshot showing the overview pane in Security Center.

Out of the box Governance

This is really important and is often overlooked when we talk about security – we often see security and governance as two different things. When we’re doing security instant response, having governance and access to who has done what and when in our accounts is really important. If someone changed a rule in your firewall in your data center, are you confident that you know who will have done that, and when? With Azure Activity Log, you can access who performed an action, when they did it, and exactly what changed. You can also set up alerts so that you get notifications when something particularly important has changed.

In this final instalment of Azure Mythbusters, Dean Bryen goes into even more detail about these three points, and why the cloud is often more secure than hosting your data on-premises. For more information on moving to the cloud, check out these useful resources: