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The Azure AI platform consists of lots of little AI services, all sat within Microsoft Azure. We can break these down into three separate pillars, that encompass the types of services that are available. These three pillars are machine learning, AI apps and agents, and knowledge mining.

Let’s start with AI app and agents. One of the biggest services that falls into this category is the Azure Cognitive Services – a collection of pre-packaged, intelligent APIs that allow you to send a piece of data via a REST request, and then get some kind of intelligence back. We can see just by going to the Cognitive Services homepage that because these are all REST APIs, they’re all actually built-in to the website.

This is just the start of Amy’s look at the Azure AI Platform – be sure to check out the video below for even further details on what services are available, and how you might use them.

In this final instalment of Azure Mythbusters season three, Amy Boyd walks through the Azure AI Platform, with discussion around bespoke machine learning, AI apps, and knowledge mining.

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